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Krispy Kreme



Krispy Kreme are one of the world's most-loved pleasures, and currently operate in over 46 stores across the UK.

The leading doughnuts specialists produce 200 dozen doughnuts per hour. Sounds easy? Think again. Each location has to deliver to 3 routes, from 3 vehicles, a total of 33 vehicles.

Krispy Kreme previously operated a manual system that gave limited visibility as to vehicle positions and scheduled departure and arrival times. A solution was needed to ensure deliveries were on time, but also to alert production with vital information to ensure products were ready for distribution.



To empower Krispy Kreme to manage a smart, integrated fleet management solution that boosts productivity, improves delivery time, and delivers a return on investment.



With the smart installation of Webfleet LINK technology in all their vehicles, Krispy Kreme can now connect their fleet to the office, allowing the logistics manager to see vehicle location in real time.

This offers live reporting between the drivers and the office, while real-time traffic updates help drivers avoid traffic and display an accurate time of arrival.

Each vehicle completes 3 routes per day to specific delivery points; a ‘geofence’ was created around the individual store addresses, which signals an alert when the van enters or leaves the area marked around the store premises. Each region is aware of status of delivery and if there is a delay, the store is informed and operations can resolve any issues.



Since the implementation of Webfleet, Krispy Kreme have noted a significant 20% improvement in delivery time.

The team at Krispy Kreme can now deliver a world class service consistently where deliveries are on-time every day.

The round-the-clock monitoring increases the security of the vehicle and the person driving it. Krispy Kreme has developed an ‘out of hours’ alert, sending an alert if the vehicle moves between 14:00hrs and 03:00hrs.

Krispy Kreme is delighted with the performance and commercial improvements and is now considering tackling fuel reduction by monitoring idle time using the Webfleet Solutions ecoPLUS. This cost reduction will further increase profitability and allow them to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Webfleet has brought many benefits to the logistics department at Krispy Kreme. We are now able to deliver a world class service consistently where product is on-time every day, and there is an improvement in delivery targets of 20%."

Krispy Kreme UK

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