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Service Level Agreement


The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to formalise an arrangement between Communicate Better Ltd and the “Customer” to deliver specific support services, at specific levels of support, and at an agreed cost set out in the “Order Form”. This SLA should be read in conjunction with the main Communicate Better Terms and Conditions which can be found at


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Hours of Support

'Normal hours' is between Monday - Friday, 09:00 – 17:30 excl. Public Holidays. Work completed outside these hours will be subject to additional charges, unless an extended Out of Hours Support Contract is in place agreed on an individual customer basis.


Service Schedule

Precise details of what is covered should be on the “Order Form”.

The following services and devices are not covered by this SLA or any service schedule:

  • Ancillary Devices not supplied by Communicate Better
  • Third Party Software not billed by Communicate Better
  • Any Network Services that is supplied to the Customer on a wholesale basis. These services are subjects to the respective suppliers SLAs


Service Description

Communicate Better is responsible for the “Support and Maintenance” as set out in the “Order Form” and ensure that the “Services” are available for use in accordance with the service levels described in this agreement.


Service Levels

Communicate Better prioritises all requests according to their impact and urgency to ensure that appropriate response times to the incident service requests it receives are easily identifiable. Incidents with a large impact or problems that prevent a section of a business from performing its work completely are given a higher priority than other incident or requests, for example, those affecting a single individual or affecting a less important function.

The following priorities are for incidents and service requests which cannot be immediately resolved.

In some cases, the incident may take longer to resolve than desired and the Communicate Better support team will endeavour to ensure that customers are informed of the incident status. In all cases, the Support team will notify the customer (or agreed representative) when the issue has been resolved and will only close the call when the Customer has agreed to do so or a request to close has not been responded to.


Priority 1 (P1) – Incidents where there is a total equipment or service failure or failure of a component that renders the complete service unusable in one or more sites. (Class = Major Incident)

Priority 2 (P2) – Incidents that reduce the level of functionality or performance of the services across 1 or more sites. (Class = Significant Incident)

Priority 3 (P3) – Incidents that affect a single user or component that has a limited effect on the rest of the system. No disruption to service.  (Class = Minor Incident)

SLA Response Time


Escalation Path

If you feel that a fault is not being progressed within the given timescales or is not receiving the appropriate attention or priority, please feel free to contact the Service Desk Manager; quote the relevant ticket number and state the reasons to why you believe the ticket should be escalated. 



All complaints related to logged Support incidents should, in the first instance, be directed to the Service Desk Manager. The complaint will be investigated and actioned, if necessary, escalated to the respective Director responsible for the delivery of that Service.


Support Levels (IT Only)

The table below sets out the inclusions between the different levels of support available to IT support customers:

IT Support Levels


Amendments to the Agreement

During the term of the contract, should the customer increase the amount of Hardware or Software covered under the agreement, Communicate Better reserves the right to levy an additional charge to cover the increase in support level.