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Keep your fleet on their feet

Business Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking & Route Optimisation

Be in control: achieve more

Be in control: achieve more

We place control at your fingertips, whilst undertaking all the hard work for you.

Less wasted time on the road means reduced fuel bills, increased productivity and less wear and tear on vehicles. No IT knowledge or maintenance required.

Better visibility

Better visibility

Communicate Better’s integrated tracking and navigation solutions offer real visibility and control needed to efficiently manage a workforce that is constantly on the move.

With improved visibility, you can instantly send the right person with the right skills and tools to each job.

Scheduling simplified

Scheduling simplified

Our simple-to-use interface speeds up the process of job completion and reporting, meaning no more journeys back and forth to the office between jobs – saving time and money.

Running a mobile empire? Keep on top of all jobs through a simple drag-and-drop dashboard, which enables you to schedule and assign jobs in bulk directly from the mobile map to your field force, in seconds.

Lower your costs

Lower your costs

Our solutions can help you save on fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs.

Live traffic information and dynamic routing enables drivers to avoid congestion and select the quickest, most efficient route from A to B – reducing average journey times by up to 16%.

With smarter driving, also comes a reduced total cost of vehicle ownership.

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Being hosted on the Cloud certainly has its benefits. Business is made simpler as you shred the paper work forms.

Eliminate the stress and costs of office administration, cut printing and postage expenses, and invest more in growing your business.

And with this, you can welcome quicker invoice generation direct from the field, and improved cash flow.

Accurate real-time reporting

Accurate real-time reporting

Instantly manage rich, powerful data through sharp, real-time reporting.

Create customised mobile reports in minutes and be able to reflect transparency by using our proof of service delivery options.

Easily export reports in a variety of formats - such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, or to an integrated IT system (e.g. CRM) - to suit your business needs. No complications.

Improve customer service

Improve customer service

Now you can keep clients in the loop, and fully satisfied, by providing them with details such as the location of workers, job status, and real-time data reporting.

Your workforce can move from job to job without having to make unnecessary trips back to the office. Employees can smoothly clock in and out of shifts through their device, with the system keeping a record of time and date. An electronic record minimises payroll inaccuracies and keeps the work running.

More features and benefits...

Make driving safer

Improve driver behaviour, reduce the risk of accidents as well as downtime, and avoid penalties through real-time feedback and advice on safer driving – before, during and after trips. All this enables your team to drive more safely and economically.

Easily monitor driving performance by having access to rich, detailed reports. And, with digital trouble codes, you’ll be able to act quickly if something is ever wrong with a vehicle.

Stay secure

Offer your team true peace of mind through Communicate Better’s stable and secure solutions that are always up-to-speed and running. With our trusted technology, you can prevent both critical data loss and reputation damage.

Protect the workforce through our Lone Worker safety tools, including the ability to send panic alerts when in a hostile or vulnerable situation.

Go green

Be smart. Cut down on fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Locate vehicles easily, avoid traffic, and allocate new jobs efficiently to the nearest driver. Reduce mileage by as much as 16% by giving drivers the most accurate routing.

Seamless integration

Wanting to connect with an existing system? We make third party integration a walk in the park. Our support team is always on hand if you need that extra guidance.

Assign a job, accept the job, send an ETA to a customer, capture completed job, and send an invoice – all from one system.

Our strong and flexible platform can connect with customer portals, as well as reporting, invoice, CRM or ERP solutions.

Our products and services

Tracking and Telemetry

Manage your fleet with fully customisable integrated tracking and navigation solutions:

TomTom PRO 8275 →
TomTom PRO 8275 TRUCK →
TomTom LINK 510 tracking →
TomTom LINK 410 tracking →

Route Optimisation

Industry leading cloud-based route optimisation software from Maxoptra simplifies delivery planning & scheduling.

Plan, dispatch and control jobs: Implement automatic planning, drag & drop manual planning, ETA prediction and vehicle tracking integration.

Driver Behaviour

Take charge of your fleet. Monitor and improve driver behaviour with TomTom WEBFLEET and TomTom OptiDrive 360.

TomTom WEBFLEET helps keep you connected with your mobile workforce, save fuel and gain better visibility of your fleet.

Meanwhile, TomTom OptiDrive 360 offers real-time feedback and advice to improve driving performance, encouraging safer and more efficient driving.

Time and Mileage Management

Run a smart fleet by managing time and mileage through TomTom WEBFLEET and TomTom OptiDrive 360.

Gain an accurate real-time record of working hours and save wasted time out on the road.

Job/Order Management

Send real-time job order updates to a driver's TomTom PRO device and gain real visibility of your mobile workforce.

Improve your customer service by assigning jobs to nearby drivers and ensuring the shortest possible estimated time of arrival.

Vehicle Cameras

Protect your fleet and manage insurance risk with our 360° 4G-Connected HD vehicle camera solutions:

VT-988-AHD Forward Facing Camera →
VT-408-AHD HD Side-view Camera →
VT639 Rear-View Camera →
VT5500/ VT5500-4G 5-channel DVR →

Sign On Glass

Manage your field workforce with GeoPal's field operations management application.

The cloud-based app empowers your field workers to gain smart electronic proof of delivery and signature capture from your customers.

Real-time job updates help save time and money, ensuring you get the best out of your workforce.

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