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Communicate Better has been providing smart, voice-based mobile solutions to our friends at Shred-it for over five years. Shred-it were keen to allow their sales force to have sight of their sales management information via a secure mobile communication method. We offered them just that, and more.


To enable Shred-it to manage rich and fully integrated mobile technology through a simple and cost-effective solution, that in turn, increases productivity and brings results.


Communicate Better delivered an efficient and powerful office mobile solution. We made it possible for the new setup to fully integrate with both Shred-it’s existing system and an SAP mobile based solution. Our dedicated support team were on hand throughout the process and remain by Shred-it’s side.


Since the implementation of our solutions, Shred-it’s team can now work from anywhere, at any time, meaning business never has to stop. Staff are able to check emails, websites and important documents - all while on the move - offering true flexibility for the workforce. An increased level of productivity by 31% has further resulted in boosted profits. Moreover, the Shred-it team are now able to work securely and rest assured all apps and data are compliant across all devices, meeting compliance guidelines.

We welcome the introduction of this new service to the daily running of the business, improving the service to our customers and providing another way to communicate effectively and efficiently remotely.

Robert Guice
Executive VP of Shred–it EMEA

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